How to start a blog the easy way

Hi my friends,

Have you ever wanted to start blogging, but just found writing to be too much of a burden? Most people that start a blog do so with the greatest of intentions, but when reality sets in that they need to create content regularly, then that blog usually dies off.

Before getting to that point you have one of two options. You can either pay someone to do the writing for you IF you have the money to burn, which may not be the case if you are just starting out.

Or you could purchase some PLR and upload it, but chances are good that someone already has used it on their blog or website. So what else can you do?

Let’s watch this VIDEO:

Well, you can use Big Content Search to start your blog the easy way.

You see with Big Content Search all you need to do is enter in your keywords in the search function to find the articles that you want to use. Then with the help of the built-in spinner support create unique content that no one else has used.

All that is left at that point is to upload an article as a post every few days, or whenever you decide you want to do so. To make it even easier you can upload a bunch at a time and just drip feed your blog, so you won’t have to do anything for months at a time.

Big Content Search makes it TOTALLY easy for you as it is integrated into three most popular WordPress autoblogging plugins. And the best part is that the whole setup takes less than a minute.

Can blogging get easier than that? Not sure that it can, really.

If you’re ready to start a blog the easy way then click here:

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Talk to you soon.

Big Content Search | STOP wasting time searching for content

big content search review

Hey my friends!

First off, a quick little question. Do you still use Yahoo! Directory to find websites you’re interested in? No?

And you probably haven’t done that for about 10 years now, right? Well… this brings me to my point. :)

Why do Internet Marketers still *manually* browse through endless PLR directories when looking for new content? I mean, I haven’t
found *one* PLR website where you can actually SEARCH for the exact content you need.

That is excluding my friend’s service, Big Content Search which he just relaunched. It’s a PLR search engine and this is the third major release since going public in 2010.

Over 100,000 PLR articles and 1000 eBooks in a *searchable* database. This goes without saying but his service also comes with
article spinner support — you can use the 1-click rewrite option and create BILLIONS of great & unique articles… How’s that
for “unlimited content”!

It’s like Google for PLR. Only better. Make sure to watch the video now:

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Talk soon,

Andrew Pham

P.S. He told me he’s seriously considering a price bump soon (closest competitor is priced at $297 per year!), so I suggest you go and
sign up for the $1 trial today.

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